Is Fixing The Turbo Meta Possible?

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    Posted 2 years, 5 months ago

    Legends of Runterra has changed from a game about spells, strategic passing, and removal to essentially a tempo struggle.

    Every hand you play needs to be about hitting the board as fast and hard as possible with as much tempo as possible regardless of the deck you are playing. 

    The one exception being Lissandra who tempos out an otk strategy in later turns

    There isn't a single top tier deck that doesn't have an early board flood strategy.

    Thresh nasus, will usually hit a full board by turn 3 every single time and so you need to mull for your board flood hand to compensate everytime. 

    Then you need a way to end the game quickly whether it be a big overwhelm dude or an atrocity or in the case of Azir multiple attack phases.

    It just gets a little tiring seeing every game play out as aggressively as humanly possible and only once you pass that gauntlet can you actually "play the game"

    I dont know how you actually fix this, it seems to me that Riot needs to start releasing strong and cheap removal options to compensate.

    Let me know what you guys think, or should legends always just be a aggro tempo creature swing fest?

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    I mean, Blade Dance is a busted mechanic, and I don't think the devs are going to fix it. This mechanic by itself entirely shifted the meta to what you describe it, and nothing else. Atrocity needs to be a slow speed spell, Idk why they nerfed it to 8 mana but that changes nothing essentially. I don't think the game is going to get any better in the future if the devs make stuff like pre nerf Go Hard, and blade dance/Syncopation, playtest it internally, and are like, "Hey this seems balanced, lets throw it in the game." Reminds me of how Hearthstone got progressively worse balance-wise after they released Patches. I just assume the devs are good at designing creative things, but they haven't played enough competitive card games to realize how to balance cards.

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    Posted 2 years, 5 months ago

    Removal that is both strong and cheap will just swing the meta too far in the opposite direction.

    There are some aggro cards and combos that are just too strong, Dunekeeper being the chief offender, adjusting those cards would make the meta much healthier.

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