Off Meta Decks - To Dominate Bandlewood

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    So I've been vocal that I think this expansion is pretty great.

    We had a big issue where the meta was entirely dominated by burst spells and decks 

    While statistically those lists are still strong, more then ever it feels like we have the necessary value tools to combat quick attackers, elusive, and other buff sticks.

    So I figured I'd go over some off meta decks that I believe offer some very strong potential in meta matchups.

    Ziggs Zillian, Thaliyah is statistically the best landmark deck on mobalytics with an astounding 51% winrate.

    Now their version runs bandlewood, so you get what? A 1 mana 2/1 that is worse than treasure seeker, a stun at slow speed instead of the better fast speed option, and a 8 mana finisher that's slower than the 6 mana finisher.

    Solution just cut bandlewood, run the good targon cards, and you even have room for the champion tutor which a 3 champ distribution  needs.

    Possible the fastest aggro deck in the meta if a little high rolly. Go wide early, burn them out late game. Bonus points for landing butcher on the 0/1 on turn 2 or lulu on turn 3 transforming it into a 4/4.

    Go Hard Senna is bad it has a 50% winrate on mobalytics and is just worse than the bandlewood version, instead we run go hard Viego, which gives us a much better late game wincon, along side Ezreal.

    Speaking of infinite value, Anivia is a beast right now alongside Kindred. Which is largely the result of two factors, not a lot of pure aggro, and two not a lot of 3 mana answers being run like Blackspear and harpoon.

    Your line of play here is to play the 3 mana follower and get your darkness. Then bring him back and get your darkness again, this is all just to delay to getting to the good stuff.

    Ie free kindred kills, and anivia sweeps.

    I think everybody loves Heimer, he's just a fun champ, and while I won't claim this is an amazing deck, it does have the privilege of being the best Heimer deck.

    Having acess to bandlewood value engines alongside targon stall, and a few extra "silences" means that there is a possibility that Heimer will actually get to do his thing.

    Hand Disrupt Ionia
    A Runeterra Deck created by Nifty129. Last updated 2 years, 3 months ago

    If cheap spell triggers are good for fizz they are also great for Lee Sin. Here we double down on his control potential because he's no longer the best combo stick, and he was never really designed for that anyway. 

    Up the cost of your opponents answers, play leveled Lee Sin backed up by yassao and kick everything, it also helps that hidden pathways is just better than deep med for digging through your deck.

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