Why Tutors Are Bad For LOR

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    So quick run down, cycling referring to every time a card draws back into itself, whether it is a creature or spell.

    Tutoring is when a card gives you a specific card you are looking for.

    With that let's take a look at Ferros Financier and how tutoring itself is the problem more so than bandlewood specifically. Like you can run Lux Heimer instead of Heimer Jayce and you dont even miss bandle.

    1. It can grab ruination (board clear)

    2. It can grab reckoning (board clear)

    3. It can grab "mega avalanche" (board clear)

    4. It can grab progress day (oh my 2 mana tutor just drew me 3 how fun and balanced

    5.  It can grab shock blast (board clear/burn)

    6. It can grab glorious revolution (luuuulz this one's for you guys because tutoring for it is 100 times better than main decking because it's a free card) and you get the blocker

    7. It can grab summon two 3/3s and summon two 3/2s that buff on attack, and summon two 4/4 s (hey my two mana card gave me massive free board presence)

    8. It can grab single target removal like harpoon, it can basically do anything

     All of this for two mana, now how is this different from targon, A you have to spend 3 mana, and invoke cards are actually kinda bad now without Asol to make them free. 

    Also having a free blocker on 2 is game changing against aggro trust me, it's why people hate love on telescope on conchologist and Shadow dude, it's like yes you get a free card, aaaaand you answer your opponents aggro play aaaaand you get to tutor what you want.

    All of this leads to the fact that tutors aren't rng so much as they are a consistently game winning nuisance that is spreading across the game region by region and I think it's not stopping anytime soon.


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    A tutor in my book are cards that draw a specific card that you  eighter run as the only card of it's kind or cards that say draw x. 

    An example for the latter is The Leviathan which tutors Swain. And example for the first would be Babbling Bjerg when you have only 1 5+ power unit.

    The example that you brought up doesn't really fit well here because a Ferros Financier - while being quite consistant is not a card that will draw a specific card for sure and you can't really manipulate it's odds of drawing a specific card unless you go mono P&Z. 

    The consistant manifest cards are for sure quite overtuned and the way I would nerf them is changing their low cost and buffing the stats so that a Ferros Financier can exist as a 3 mana 3/3 or 4 mana 4/4 leaving less options to play him along with all the other manifest units. 

    Invoke wasn't much of a problem because it's units came quite late to the Party and you could just rush them before their value train did something for them but 2 mana  2/2or2/1? That's very fast and makes sure the cards will be relevant in any meta which I don't think is good design.

    You want infinite value? Then accept having less tempo and the fact that aggro/overwhelm decks will abuse your slow gameplan 

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