The Best Regions In LOR

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    This is going to be fairly based on personal oppinion, in terms of decks I find sucess with and what other people are playing.

    1. Shurima - It's not so much that sundisc is good finally, it might be quicksand, it might be the landmark value pkg, it might not be any one thing but the overall value versatility.

    Playable decks:

    - Akshan whatever

    - Thaliyah whatever

    - Mono Shurima

    - Irelia

    - Ekko if you're a meme lord

    - Renekton if you're the same

    2. Demacia - It's very hard to beat 2 mana kill anything you want, even with the nerfs to the likes of sharpsight, and the 3 mana elite. That just means you have supplement with additional tools from other regions. Routinely has 56% winrate decks in the meta.

    Playable decks:

    - Targon Buffs

    - Scouts

    - Galio HP

    - Lux if you're a meme lord

    - Elites if you're the same

    3. Targon - The undisputed king of long game, tempo, Combo play style. Invoke has never been nerfed, their burst spells haven't really been touched, strong Pantheon followers, sunlight blade is amazing right now. Only problem is their deck count is low.

    - pantheon buff pkg

    - invoke not a meme but also not great

    4. Bandle City - Took a hard hit to its value identity last patch, but possible the best aggro region in the game full stop even after gutting Poppy just turns out that it doesn't matter. I only rank it low because every bandle deck is a bandle deck and makes me zzzzzzzz.

    - YIA (aka aggro stuff)

    - Multi region Champs are just good outside bandle and feature prominently everywhere

    - Cycle value if youre a meme lord

    5. Noxious - Only really does two things right now different flavors of aggro overwhelm vs discard etc. And being a flock/hard removal solution. For that reason it ranks lowly.

    - ezreal catlyn

    - discard aggro

    - overwhelm

    6 . Bilgewater - Essentially just a midrange good stuff region with the likes of Lurk and Scouts but in a game filled with midrange good stuff. I would need to see kegs, TF, plunder, ans deep see a resurgence to start ranking this region higher again.

    - Lurk

    - scouts

    - midrange plunder I'd you're a meme lord

    - deep if you're the same

    7. Shadow - Possible the worst region in the game right now besides Ionia. Spiders is highest winrate deck and continually their control identity is being supersceeded by other region choices.

    Deck option: 

    - spiders

    - darkness

    - ephemerals if you're a meme lord

    - burn if you're the same

    8. Ionia - This region is problematic where the better it is like with Ezreal or Karma decks the more people want to commit sempuku. That being said it kinda sucks at aggro, and control, and even combo right now.

    Playable decks:

    - Ahiri (there are way better aggro decks)

    - karma if you're a meme lord

    - yassao if you're a meme lord

    - Lee Sin if you're a meme lord

    9. Freijord , their midrange identity is kinda dead, and their tribal stuff is subpar, so all that's left is ramp. It does ramp things and that's about it. So for that reason they are at the bottom of the pile

    - ramp

    Over 9000 P&Z - essentially doing it all right now from a combo/aggro/control perspective but it's not a region I particularly enjoy right now but I acknowledge the power.

    - Viktor everything

    - ezreal being ezreal

    - buuuuuuurn

    So as you can tell from the rankings certain things feel very strong right now, other things feel exceptionally weak to the point of being a total joke like deep. Hopefully the champ reworks at the end of April shake things up a bit.

    I know I've gotten bored of my Targon, Demacia deck just for winning way too much and having a relatively straight forward powerful playstyle.

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