Updated Mobalytics Tier List

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    They got rid of all the garbage Swim picks.

    Now it's essentially exactly what it should be.

    We have pirate aggro as tier 1 has been for 2 years honestly.

    We have Jayce sentinels that Asian deck that is the strongest control list.

    Viktor, Overwhelm, Scouts all good proven decks.

    Tier 2 is equally strong, with Ezreal, Pantheon, Discard, yordle stuff, Ziggs, spiders

    Tier 3: galio, sundisc, Lurk, darkness, Azir Irelia


    This is a perfect tier list and I agree with every single pick.

    Its also a very healthy brewing meta where you can build decks and pilot them effectively.

    So very happy patch 1 and patch 2 giga edition both wins for the LOR team.

    Good stuff guys 

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