All the Best Control Deck (Codes)

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    Here for credibilitiy sake I will share every top winrate control deck code.

    Because card game honor or something, along with my opinions strength and weaknesses of each.


    This deck essentially wins 3 ways, removal value, big dudes off tri beam or farron, and ezreal.

    Is it possible to beat a well balanced 3 prong strategy absolutely, because none of those things are individually great or strong on their own, due to inherent low synergy 

    2. Darkness I won't re-share but the list I use is around 70% winrate.

    3. Viktor aphelios 57% not really a control deck so much as a combo deck with stall but sure (CICACAIEGQAQEBABAIBQIAYFAYBQSI2JKRLFZWIBAMAQGCKVAIAQIJRHAIBQICYSAA)

    4. Feel the rush actually a ramp deck but at 65% winrate this is the deck people think is the best control deck and it's obvious to see why (CECACBABBYBACBIBFABQCAIME4ZAIAYBAMDAUFQCAECACDADAEAQCFBUAEBACBITDE)

    So thats 1 control deck and 1 ramp deck that are hitting those high winrates, compared to something like 5 aggro decks.

    (Pirate aggro) (scouts) (yoi) (Riven viktor) (overwhelm) (spiders) and more

    So generally speaking if there are 6 aggressive decks that have 60% plus winrates and 1 control deck and 1 ramp deck with a 60% plus winrate arguably aggro is better/more prevalent.

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