New Expansion Cards Worth Talking About

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    1. Yassao boat

    They finally did it they printed a landmark that not only draws Yassao but also provides free stuns on attack, this was the missing piece you finally don't need to run Targon to tutor anymore.

    2 Lord Eldred

    - Thralls have shown us how powerful a tough nexus can be so I really like this card in Demacia encouraging you to run Lux decks 

    3. Training Pits 

    - Yetis, frostbite, reputation they all suffer on the attack, so now they have acess to free uninteractable rallies, is it op maybe but it's warranted.

    4. Wildclaw ferocity obviously the dream is you turn a token into a alpha wildclaw at focus speed so fun card.

    5. Void seeker, is this as good as ravenous flock? No it can't target champions but I'll play it for sure.

    6. Void pkg, impossible to evaluate. We know pantheon and Viktor are good cards but they work independently, meanwhile Kaisa is dependent on them to go off.

    7. Captive yeti yes please, the biggest problem with yetis beside the no rally thing, is not enough yetis to turbo out the 8 drop sometimes.

    8. Crackling ice , frozen in fear - omg Ash support yes please yummy yum yum.

    9. Scavenging camocloaker they felt bad for turbo nerfing ambush and gave it a suitable replacement goof stuff.

    10. Kinkou student, insane obviously for shen.

    11. Moral support honestly even lulu should play this, it's good shit.

    12. Royal decree - combining cards is good in this case sharp sight and challenger, and it's never dead with thr creature summon

    13. Gwen pkg impossible to evaluate.

    Overall great cards for established decks that have underperformed, and thr new decks will be so weird and different from what we've seen before that unlike Anny and bard it won't just be brain dead auto builds.


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    Other new editions

    1. drop the bomb -  insane removal hyper leveler for zigs and xerath. Like lowkey this card is terrifying I would even run in transform or the old bilgewater bandle burn, just guaranteed value into a rockbear on 4 while ensuring that the opponent doesn't build up aggro steam.

    2. rite of passage - kinda fun for midrange landmark but I don't see this as a staple or anything

    3. riptide sermon, definitely a jayce or lux tool where you run spawn as a value pkg good to see

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    Riptide Sermon is a bilgewater card therefore you can't play it in lux jayce

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    yeah 'or' as you gotta pick one.

    Also just realized rite is a Zillian card.

    rather then draw 2 bombs and this never happens if you've played zil, you now play one and have the guaranteed tutor.

    That's pretty darn good.

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