The Problem With Evelyn

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    So Evelyn is an amazing card with an amazing champ spell. Like legit in the right deck your opponent has no chance, really digging shen right now because devluating blocks really help you get the maximum value from Evelyn.

    But with all that said there are literally only 3 cards worth playing in her kit. Domination and vora and Evelyn herslef, playing more husks does nothing when all you need to do is curve into her.

    And everything else is too understated to be playable. Sulfur is a 1/3 that doesn't cycle gross, hate spike is so much worse then vile feast or mystic shot it's not even funny, allure is a meme, solitude and Steme don't really help Evelyn do what she's trying to do.

    So in summary amazing champ my favorite from the new set, but just a frickin awful kit, that needs stat buffs on her followers or post release support.


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