God Tier World Waker Patch

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    I once said that my two favorite patches in Lor history was 1 the massive champ re-work (Katarina still viable to this day) and sundisc rework (still viable too)

    But this patch beats both of them.

    It hit Kaisa hard the number 1 offender of this expansion, but it hit Bard, Annie and Illoi my 3 picks for over powered Champs from the streamer expansion.

    But thats not all it basically hit every other potentially problematic archetype too, thralls, aphelios P and Z, Xerath (hourglass spam) and buffed Ash and Anivia if that's your thing.

    Beyond that we see some nice tweaks to followers and spells for under represented archetypes.

    Like dont get me wrong I thought fixing thr dmg done by the last two expansions was in possible but they got it in 1 goof stuff guys, even aggro 4/4 got hit and like I didn't even think about that.

    What a good time to be a Lor player, because outside of these 4 Champs the game was perfectly balanced and diverse 

    Goodbye, Annie, Bard, Illoi, and Kaisa nobody is going to miss you.

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