The Highest Winrate Card Post Awakening

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    So this should really surprise no one but the highest winrate card post expansion isn't a champion like bard or Annie.

    Its a 1 mana follower.

    Simon wind is a 2 mana cycle on paper this balanced.

    Zoe cycles at 2 mana right? 

    Wrong she cycles at 4 because dog costs 2

    So monkey is a better Zoe.

    This is really bad, like really really bad.

    Like we've seen cards like shadow assassin break the format and she costs 3 freaking mana.

    Because when card advantage costs too little tempo, like say 1 mana, then 2 mana at burst over and over you essentially negate tempo loss with Dragonling and can just bounce and stun everything else.

    Idk it's a head scratcher it's like if the 1 mana cycle in bilgewater could go infinite by design.

    Like its not a question of if nerfed to 2 mana plus 2 mana to put under par with Zoe (buffed to a 2/1 to compensate) but when.

    But like I just dont get it Riot like ask any card game player hey should we print an Infinite cycle at 1 mana at the equivalent of a common card, you would say plz God God plz God no.

    You would say 2 mana plus 2 mana with the spell proc is fair plz maths oh God I'm having an aneurysm. So to sum up Riot less stupids more card counting plz go ask a blackjack player.

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