Number 1 Fix For Awakening Expansion

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    Honestly, equipment cards need to go on the stack period full stop. 

    It essentially 100% fixes the control into equipment matchup which is currently impossible.

    Fisher girl goes down on 2, her equipment goes on the stack, you vile feast, her equipment now goes into hand.

    On curve creature, equivalent on curve answer.

    You play treasure of the sands on akshan, you respond with mystic he is not equipped yet so 1 mana burst only provides 1 life, so you can potentially ping again.

    This is 100% the most likely fix for the mechanic to increase interactivity for re-active players without demanding everyone play Ionia.

    So yes stackable equipment at slow speed but not counterable, this is how it should have been designed at the onset in a game about passing turn priority.

    Its like if Undirs buffs literally just didn't show up on the stack, and were the equivalent of burst, he'd be the best champion in the game 

    So Riot beyond the normal range of balance fixes this patch demands please make equipment intractable by treating it like a slow speed uncounterable spell.

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