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    Locnar2350 #6247 NA central standard time


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    what is the "advantage" to have friends?

    I am 69 years old and still reach Legend

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    Quote From Grumpy000

    what is the "advantage" to have friends?

    Marcus Tullius Cicero said that friendship "improves happiness, and abates misery, by doubling our joys, and dividing our grief.”

    ...If you're asking whether there are any quantifiable benefits to having in-game friends, though, the answer is that there are none.

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    Looking for friend challenges.


    Eloff             NA1


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    EU Region 


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    Hello! Quick lvl up matches.

    ID: DaftFlaux #NA1

    Server: India/ Europe

    I'm new! 

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    Quote From Grumpy000

    what is the "advantage" to have friends?

    Thats the true question of life isnt it? Or are u just asking about the game?

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    Is there someone who play on sea region?

    ID : zeonarc #7448

    SEA region

    Leap of Faith...

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    OldFashioned #1234

    SEA region

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    TheScot650  #2346

    SEA region

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    Shivershine #4454

    NA region

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    Rakio 3672

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    Quote From Leylight23

    Leylight #NA1


    NA (Eastern time zone)


    New to Runeterra! Been playing on and off a few weeks, loving the game and likely moving from Hearthstone to it. Would be great to have some friends to chat about the game with, especially with the new expansion coming. 

    For my own experience, You don't have to move completely for being able to play runeterra compettitively. I'm now a casual Hearthstone (Just doing daily quests per 3 days and maybe some meme games after that, sometimes playing arena because there is no real draft in Runeterra right now) and competitive Runeterra (doing dailies, trying to get all bonus experiences, trying to climb ladder etc.) player and my time mostly enough for both and I'm not even spend all of my free time to these 2 games and playing other games aswell. But yeah, consider it i'm a first preview player of Runeterra and completed all sets also My call of the mountain set will be completed in first day of the expansion thanks to my shards and wildcards. Never spend any real money to Runeterra tho. So you don't need to left Hearthstone completely.

    Just some advices which comes from my experiences. :)

    and unfortunately, I'm an EU player and there's no meaning to add you right now. When cross shards duels have come after 3 weeks (according to this article) I'll add you.

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    Posted 3 years ago


    DrAkula 0312

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    trafek #3710

    region EU, Poland

    new to the game, looking mostly to trade some wins, wont be bothering you too much, rest assured

    any1 welcome to add me


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    Hi. I'm a Masters player on EU shard. Please feel free to add me under: a3b2c1 #5685. Meet you there, cheers! 

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    Posted 1 year, 10 months ago

    BingoNoEyes 5501


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