Proof Pro Players Don't Get Eternal

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    Let's talk about their card choices for the "best" eternal cards:

    Pokey - can't get this one wrong

    Shellfolk - yeah no way you can make shellfolk competitive you'll get otked or aggroed or sundiscd or a million other things

    Allof traveler- a lot of Nora decks cut allof now, like amazing if you hit ramp and not much else

    Inventive chemist - not a lot of midrange landmark running around either


    Tf: a little slow now you  wont find a ton of tf

    Gangplank: midrange plunder will always be a deck I just dont think it's the best deck anymore to be running with midrange suffering in general

    Fortune croaker: healing decks? Maybe? Idk

    Allegience: yeah just a plunder card so one deck it hits and I haven't seen it in eternal yet


    Lux: jayce lux isn't the scourge it used to be and while it will always be good aggro got a loooot of tools to out pace lazer

    Rangers resolve: don't play this card its usually more effective to use equipment now

    Sharpsight: they straight up printed a better version of this card

    Bannerman: yes elites will always be playable but once again midrange is suffering


    Feel the rush: this one is correct because even Jack turbo levels when this spell is played so it's combo uses are only increasing with time

    Spirits unleashed: a little slow but I've played with this card before and it's not bad but again haven't seen it do much in eternal yet

    Trundle: yeeeeeeep obviously

    Troll chant: best burst in the game pound for pound


    Deep med: there are straight up better draw cards printed even Ryze will usually pass on this now

    Twin: you won't see a ton of twin these days like turbo a master yi or whatever usually they play the one mana equipment burst

    Homecoming: best card in the ryze deck if they highroll multiple landmarks early not as good in other decks

    Health potion: no


    Legion rearguard - yeah best aggro card

    House spider - still gets played in yassao because it's desperate for board presence that's about it, maybe Annie?

    Flock - yeah best removal card in the game

    Stun spider - sure pretty okay staple not amazing or anything

    P and z:

    Ezreal - yes very much so enables a unique wincon not found in other Champs

    Viktor - has no home right now and nobody cares

    Thermo - very good card

    Get excited - Jinx only basically


    Vile feast: not as amazing as it used to be as more and more one drops get printed that will out value it, you almost would rather tech quietus plus the new culling strike

    Elise: has no real home right now iceborn legacy spiders sucks, and go hard sucks

    Attrocity: doesn't get run after the nerf ever

    The box: ummmmm no


    Absolver - the game has moved beyond this card like you can play akshan Samara and instant rally with glave the power curve is just too high for one overwhelm spell to matter

    Sivir - doesn't have a home right now, along with cards like Ash, undir, just slower midrange wincons

    Endless devout - mono shurima staple so it gets a pass

    Presavarium - sure always relavent 


    Aphelios - gonna feel very bad with how slow he is

    Zoe - yes because she's a free cycle so her dying doesn't matter, but her wincon is fairly irrelevant

    Mountain goat - meh like very meh by today's standards

    Sketcher - just no you can do better


    This article gets a D+ from me 50% obvious picks 50% I haven't played eternal at all and am not an authority on this format.

    They'll see once ladder starts in a week, have fun trying to climb with aphelios and spacey sketcher when people are otking you, aggroing you by turn 4, or doing some insanely broken combo.

    Thats what this format really is LOR modern.




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    Case and point someone was trying to play a nice little timelines equipment deck 

    I've seen it before...wait dead by turn 5

    And if they weren't dead by turn 5 they would be dead by turn Ryze

    Fast fast meta in eternal high power curve

    Now it's possible they were running a grindly deck to punish all the players who teched anti-aggro then you get punished by aggro tho no winning.

    The meta is what it is can't change it


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