What happened to MTG:Arena and its support on the site ?

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    Hello guys !

    After a long time, I came back to MTG Arena (again) and even though I couldn't had time to write and staying around in the site because of my irl stuff, I was following here everyday for news and such.

    Yesterday, I downloaded MTG:Arena again and wanted to check Outofcards' MTG:Arena Side and i was surprised when i saw the last thread which is 1 month's ago and comments surprised me more because the nearest is almost 2 years old and it is new expansion time for the game.

    So I wondered it is about the site's support or the game itself. Is it the game that has the rough times or did just outofcards stop supporting it ?

    Can someone light a candle for me ? :)

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    The best answer for this is support on the site staff's part. Echo was the only person on the team who was really well-versed in Magic enough to be able to write good articles about it, and she recently left our team to focus on her personal life. And when you have no one on the team who focuses on a specific game, then you can't really cover it very well. I'm not even sure how much she'd played Arena recently (the internal systems of the game in general are not known to be especially great).

    All things considered, our team on Out of Cards is quite small. We all pretty much play Hearthstone so that's easy to cover, but not everyone on it plays Legends of Runeterra for example, which is one reason why LoR articles in general are not as numerous as Hearthstone ones. When you don't have anyone on the team that can really support the game on the site, then it becomes impossible to cover and that's basically what happened with MTG Arena.

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    Echo's amazing math brain is and will be missed! Best regards to her. 

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