Silver Surfer - Deck Guide

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    Can Surfer Still Succeed?

    How to Play:
    1. No one drops in this deck so nothing to do in most games on turn 1.
    2. Turn 2 is almost always Zabu; if you don't have Zabu, then Lizard.
    3. Often Polaris is your best turn 3 ton cause disruption; Jugg and Kill Monger also offer this.
    4 On 4, were either setting up Wong Lane or setting up Brood Lane, it's also possible to Brood on 3 and then Absorbing Man on 4 (this deck is quite versatile on turns 3 and 4).
    5. Sera is the play 90% of the time. If you don't have Sera you'll be dropping a 3 and 2 and hoping your Aero is good enough to win on 6, or that your Wong remains untouched and you can win with Surfer and Absrobing Man.
    6. This Deck has a few potential game enders, like Wong/Surfer Combo, Aero/Absorbing Man on 5/6, or Shang + Absorbing Man on 6 with Zabu. Lots of ways to complete the game.

    Additional Info:
    This deck, while feeling underpowered, has all the capabiliies of having a straightforward plan that leads to lots of big cube wins. In addition, it allows knowing exactly when you've lost and making it easy to retreat, so we're not losing big.

    Meshing the Sera Control with the Silver Surfer to form a Modified Sera Surfer has lead to a very fun deck to play and a great way to counter your opponents plans.

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