Will Upcoming WoW: Dragonflight brings back migrated FF14 players?

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    Posted 1 year, 3 months ago

    The news just dropped, and once again I am curious as how players (especially those who migrated to FF14) will take this from the last few expansions, which is honestly, quite bad in a lot of things. I would already list some of them, but the comment section already did that.


    What do you guys think? Any of you still believe this will turn everything good again?

    Me personally doubting that. Especially later when facing the first obstacle which has always been massive bugs.

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    In this day and age where game choice are plentiful, and MMOs scattered everywhere, I really can't see where a subscription + upfront fee model would work. But of course, we're talking about WoW, which practically popularize MMOs so its always going sell even if its shit, as we have seen with diablo immortal.

    But on first glance, it really shows that blizz cornered themselves with shadowlands, because that genuinely looked like WoW's ending to me. So this expansion looks less like a story progression than a magical fun tour somewhere else in Azeroth, assuming its even in there. Whatever it is, after the rollercoster blizz has gone through this year, they really need this one to hit home.

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    So I stopped playing WoW after Legion and never bought BFA or Shadowlands. The only things that interesting me in Dragonflight is... basically everything (New Drakthyr class, customizable dragon mounts, dragon flying, new talent system etc) But I'm definitely not going to pre-order coz everyone knows by now to not get hyped for Blizzard games anymore. 

    Regardless, so many ppl still pre-order: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IftdbVs9wLk 

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