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    Posted 11 months ago

    Since the big site update a couple of months ago, EVERY pageload is accompanied with a very annoying lagging issue in mobile browsers.

    This always results in misclicks and very often causes you to navigate to a page you did not wanted to go to. Other times when the rich text editor is nearby an unexpected BBCode button gets misclicked.

    Why has this lagging issue lasting several months not been acknowledged or fixed yet? Are bug reporters being ghosted on OoC now? Very frustrating! 

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    Posted 7 months, 2 weeks ago

    Any news on this issue?

    To bring a bit more testing results, the lag doesn't seem to happen immediately after a new page or section gets loaded, but after a few seconds.

    1. I navigate to ooc main site and immediately click on the "Forums" sub section (right side of "News"). The sub section loads properly, but clicks are not registered afterwards, for several seconds, on anything you click.

    2. I navigate to ooc main site. Wait 3 seconds. Click on the "forums" sub section. Nothing happens for several seconds. Then finally, it's actually like  the "news" link got clicked and that opens up instead.

    3. Even writing this comment lagged severely at the start, right after opening this thread. I was writing letters but they didn't show up immediately, or showed up with a delay of several seconds. After the first 4-5 words, everything was fine.


    Please give us some news on this, any news.

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    Posted 7 months, 2 weeks ago

    Can confirm, this happens to me as well. Would it help to provide more info on platform, browser, etc? 

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    Posted 6 months, 4 weeks ago

    Hi again. It seems that scrolling the page before clicking on something seems to increase the lag duration. Even writing this message, immediately upon landing on this page, caused about a 5-10second delay before the text showed up, while making everything unresponsive in rest.


    So, is there any news on how to fix this?

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