What's Wrong With Our Deckbuilder - Hearthstone Edition

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    This is the definitive thread for you to tell us what's currently broken with the deckbuilder. That includes core functionality and cards that aren't flagged correctly.

    We need feedback to know when stuff isn't working as expected. People that leave feedback inside of news article comments aren't helping us with visibility of issues. The deckbuilder experience should be smooth and cards should be showing up as expected.

    Recently Fixed

    Data can take a bit of time to uncache after changes are made to the Hearthstone database on our site so please be patient as the system catches up.

    • [NOV 8] Fixed an issue where multiclass cards were not correctly flagged.
    • [NOV 8] Fixed an issue where old Core Set cards were still flagged as if they were in the Core Set.
      • Originally I believe this was a data issue with the Hearthstone client. I was wrong. Our datamine scripts have been updated and this should, in theory, never be an issue going forward.

    Current Issues

    • ETC doesn't allow you to add a sideboard.
      • The deckbuilder does not currently support sideboards, so this will require some new tech.
    • Dual tribes do not work
      • We don't have any support in the db for this but it is coming

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