cant login with out of games plugin

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    Greetings !so far, the out games plugin synced the collection in the deck tracker worked great. But I tried to set it up at home a week ago, and when I go to the login page, I log in to the outofgames page, but nothing changes in the deck tracker. In the game, it says to log in so that it can synchronize.Now I log out even here, where it worked, and I can't do it again here either, it doesn't work.Válaszát előre is köszönöm !
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    You know, I had a similar situation. But fortunately I found a solution to this issue. And recently I was able to discover the new game Friday Night Funkin and now I’m having a lot of fun playing the pibby apocalypse fnf mod. For me, this game is the coolest, because I really love rap and music battles and now I have the opportunity to participate in music battles personally.

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