Out of Games Changelog - 2023-04-01 (HS Deckbuilder Update)

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    • Hearthstone card data no longer tries to reload on non-deckbuilder and non-collection pages.
      • Dev Note: A previous site update caused card data to be stored local to users to improve the speed of certain tasks on the site. This was a net-positive for many users with a few exceptions: slowdowns on some devices and connections throughout the day as fresh data was pushed onto clients and folks using locked-down firefox installs would have issues loading the card data at all. The result of this is that the deckbuilder takes additional time to load than it has in recent times but it should work for all users in all scenarios.
    • Fixed an issue where the Festival of Legends icon was failing to load for some users.


    • Removed Snow 3 from the navigation.
      • Dev Note: The event has only been over for 3 months.

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