HearthStation Changelog - 2019-03-11

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    I've pushed updates to the site this evening to fix some issues and implement new features.

    Bugs Fixed

    • Fixed a problem with images overflowing the containers they are inside.
    • Fixed a problem with YouTube and Twitch video players overflowing the containers they are inside.
    • Fixed the display of unpublished content in the guides section. We can't have that!
    • Fixed an issue where clicking on the vote score for an option would refresh the page.
    • Removed card classes from filters on the Deck and Card listings that do not contain collectible cards.


    • Site content editor now respects your browser's spell checker.
    • Class images have been added to homepage deck listings and the deck listing.
    • Removed the 10 character requirement for posting comments.

    New Features

    • Some pages have been upgraded in their mobile-friendliness. They now have special sub navigation that lets you switch between content!
      • The homepage on mobile now defaults to "News" with an accessible sidebar of "Decks & Forums".
      • Deck detail pages on mobile now default to  "Guide" with an accessible "Deck List".
        • Developer Note: I'd like to make the Deck List the default view in the future if the guide portion is empty.

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