HearthStation Changelog - 2019-03-12

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    Another day, another set of improvements to HearthStation!

    Bugs Fixed

    • Fixed an issue causing web server instability.
      • Quite sorry for the interruptions last night and this morning. It wasn't caught until we started getting real traffic.
    • Fixed an issue where card images went full derp. They were not their correct sizes.
    • Fixed an issue where recent threads had their views and comment count columns swapped.


    • Comments on the site now showcase colored usernames if you're lucky enough to have one.
    • Comments no longer display the form if you are not logged in but instead are given a link and asked to login.
    • Logging in via a login link on the site will redirect you back to where you came from. We have the technology!
    • A link to sign out of your account has been added to the top user bar.
    • Missing card images have been added. If you notice any missing, this is a bug and can be reported here.
    • Tavern Brawl pages now display data on the weeks they were active. MAGIC!
    • The brawl pages load faster.
    • Articles on the homepage now show you how many comments they have.

    New Features

    • Front Page Tavern Brawl Widget
      • Will display details on a new brawl when it is active.
      • When it is not active, it will tell you TB is closed and to wait. It will also give you a link to the last Tavern Brawl's guide.
    • Responsive Forums
      • An initial pass to get things working better on your favourite mobile device.
      • All functionality that we have on desktop is also available on mobile.
    • Recent Threads
      • A brand new page to list recently active threads!
      • A button has been added to the forums block on the homepage to take you to this page.
      • This page can also be accessed under the forums site navigation.

    Known Issues

    • There is a problem with tables not being responsive across the site. This is being investigated and we should have a fix real soon.
    • The responsive navigation on lower screen resolutions on desktop is a pain in the ass.

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