'Krond and K'Thun's Kool Kidz Kult

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Kults kollide in this krazy kalamity of a deck. The ancient dragon Galakrond and the Old God K'Thun have teamed up to kause the katastrophy of a lifetime... for your opponent.

Galakrond, the Wretched Card Image Darkglare Card Image C'Thun Card Image

-- Evil Synergy --

The two kults konnect pretty well and make eachother stronger. The 'Krond's imps that get summoned whenever you invoke him pair well with K'Thun's Darkshire Councilman or Usher of Souls for some friendly minion killin'.

Darkshire Councilman Card Image Draconic Imp Card Image Usher of Souls Card Image

-- Demons and Blood for the Gods --

These two kolossal baddies have also recruited some demons from Outlands to join their kause of spreading their korruption and kontrol across the world. Darkglare and Imprisoned Scrap Imp are here to buff up your kultists or konvert your health into some free mana to play more of 'em. After a Scrap Imp goes off, you can make some huge boards out of nothing with Darkglare and some self-damaging minions.

Flame Imp Card Image Vulgar Homunculus Card Image Kobold Librarian Card Image

Try out the deck for yourself and see if you have what it takes to join the Kool Kidz Kult!

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    Posted 3 years, 2 months ago

    +1 for the fun write up! I’ll gladly give this a try. Zoo with Darkshire Councilman was one of my first go to decks 

  • Zebulun's Avatar
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    Posted 3 years, 2 months ago

    What an amazingly creative idea! 


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