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Even this deck is based on the zoo version of the discard archetype, the inclusion of [Hearthstone Card (Renounce Darkness) Not Found] both make a different style of deck and let play an old meme card that I always consider fun. 


The deck is based on an aggro version, but unlike that one, this version does not rely that much on minions like [Hearthstone Card (Flame Imp) Not Found] or [Hearthstone Card (Felstalker) Not Found]. The early game is similar to the original, trying to create a board with things like [Hearthstone Card (Malchezaar's Imp) Not Found], [Hearthstone Card (Tiny Knight of Evil) Not Found] or [Hearthstone Card (Silverware Golem) Not Found]. This is the most common way of playing, but another aproach could be force discard [Hearthstone Card (Hand of Gul'dan) Not Found] with [Hearthstone Card (Expired Merchant) Not Found].

The main problem of the deck is the lack of costs 3, making the 3rd turn weaker. Usually this turn means tap if you do not have any cost 2 to play (or the coin). After that turn, the higher cost posible is always played (except for [Hearthstone Card (Hand of Gul'dan) Not Found]) as those card generate more pressure or help discarting more cards than the lower costs. To this point, most of the deck is played as the usual zoo/discard using [Hearthstone Card (Soulfire) Not Found] and [Hearthstone Card (Doomguard) Not Found] to keep the damage on your opponent.

If the previous playstyle fail (bad draw, bad discard, more efficient aggro decks...), at this point [Hearthstone Card (Renounce Darkness) Not Found] may (or may not, it's RNG) become a thing. The accumulation of cards like [Hearthstone Card (High Priestess Jeklik) Not Found] or [Hearthstone Card (Hand of Gul'dan) Not Found] usually do not help in order to win. For that reason, change them for another random cards (that cost (1) less) could help. Usually in turns 5-7, if your opponent has an important control of the board, or still is high health, it's a good moment to use the renounce. Cards draw by [Hearthstone Card (The Soularium) Not Found], after [Hearthstone Card (Renounce Darkness) Not Found] would not be discarted, so take that in mind.

Keeping hand fill increases the chances of obtaining good cards, for that reason this deck uses cards like [Hearthstone Card (Kobold Librarian) Not Found], [Hearthstone Card (Darkshire Librarian) Not Found], [Hearthstone Card (High Priestess Jeklik) Not Found] or [Hearthstone Card (Clutchmother Zavas) Not Found]. These cards do not impact as much on board as [Hearthstone Card (Flame Imp) Not Found] or [Hearthstone Card (Felstalker) Not Found] but mantain the hand size. Anyway this deck draw usually leaves arround 10 cards on the deck when [Hearthstone Card (Renounce Darkness) Not Found] may be played, taking +10 advantage on fatigue, so there is not many time after that play.

The porpuse of [Hearthstone Card (Darkbomb) Not Found] is both help stabilice the board on the early game or as finisher when a little bit more damage to the face is required. It's useful, but not essencial, may be replaced.



If you go first any cost 1 minion is a good save to generate a board (of course the best is [Hearthstone Card (Malchezaar's Imp) Not Found]) and a cost 2. If any of this conditions are satisfied, any card that have an effect when discarded is useful in the hand.

When you have the coin, there are 2 main aproaches. On one hand we can start with a cost 2 like [Hearthstone Card (Tiny Knight of Evil) Not Found] or [Hearthstone Card (Expired Merchant) Not Found] into [Hearthstone Card (Hand of Gul'dan) Not Found] or [Hearthstone Card (Silverware Golem) Not Found]. The other mayor option is save the coin to the turn 3 and push with [Hearthstone Card (Lakkari Felhound) Not Found] or [Hearthstone Card (Nightshade Matron) Not Found].



The cards that mostly be replaced would be these ones:

This change improves the board presence on the early game, but make harder keep the hand size high enough to play [Hearthstone Card (Renounce Darkness) Not Found].

  • [Hearthstone Card (Darkbomb) Not Found]

There is not an ideal change for this card, as it can be replaced to achive another gamestyle with cards like [Hearthstone Card (Howlfiend) Not Found] or [Hearthstone Card (Reckless Diretroll) Not Found]. I tried both of them in the deck and finally decided drop them as i do not see them that useful in the aggro or greedy style. Another option would be [Hearthstone Card (Kanrethad Ebonlocke) Not Found], but as I do not own this I don't really know how good it is. Mostly helps with the cost 3 problem and return board on late game.

Both this make the [Hearthstone Card (Renounce Darkness) Not Found] mechanic less effective but if you lack of them may is not worth the craft. What I can say is that [Hearthstone Card (High Priestess Jeklik) Not Found] fits better, but [Hearthstone Card (Clutchmother Zavas) Not Found] is better for aggro versions of the deck.

The effect is not the same, as you lose the combo with [Hearthstone Card (Malchezaar's Imp) Not Found], [Hearthstone Card (Hand of Gul'dan) Not Found] or [Hearthstone Card (Silverware Golem) Not Found] or the buff to [Hearthstone Card (Tiny Knight of Evil) Not Found] but keeps the hand size and may give good options in exchange.



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    Fun? Yes.

    Viable? ^^* ...

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      Well I just try to find a place for the good old [Hearthstone Card (Renounce Darkness) Not Found], and even as a meme, reach diamond 2 so I'm happy with it.


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