Alanna Nostalgia Mage (Highlander/Big Spell)

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DISCLAIMER: I wouldn't recommend to build this deck for climbing, since there are many decks that get the job done much better than this one and cost significantly less, if you already have the cards and you want to have some fun then this is the deck for you.

It had been a long time since I (or anyone else for that matter) played Dragoncaller Alanna so I decided to build a deck around her, to see if she could bring back the memories of Big Spell Mage, filling the board with dragons with an amazing entrance, so, ladies and gentlemen I present to you my new greedy version of this archetype.

The gameplan is quite simple, use the big spells we have in our deck to survive until we can get an amazing board with either Dragoncaller Alanna or King Phaoris.

Card Choices:

There are many different packages included in the deck and an obscene curve to explain, so let's get to it!

Early game cards:

There aren't many low cost cards in this deck and the main way to survive the early game is through the abundance of board clears in this deck, however let's talk about the few cheap cards that are present.

Astromancer Solarian: This is a good body to play in early game and also provides value in the late game with Solarian Prime

Doomsayer: This is an amazing card in any control deck, can be used to clear a board in the early game, as a soft taunt or to wipe the board in combination with Blizzard in the late game.

Raven Familiar: Since the lowest cost spell in this deck costs 5 this is almost always guaranteed to draw a card.

Starscryer: Nothing much to say besides card draw.

Zephrys the Great: This card is disgustingly strong and a must have in any highlander deck.

Arcane Keysmith: Since directly including secrets is against the purpose of this deck this card makes up for it and also adds a little bit of versatility, Ice Block is the absolute best outcome, Potion of Polymorph is amazing against priests, Flame Ward and Ice Barrier are very useful against aggro decks.

Naga Sand Witch: This is a very strong card in this deck since it will always discount any spell in our hand (except for the coin), playing this on turn 4 (with the coin) and following up with a strong spell such as Power of Creation the next turn can often win games.

Highlander package:

Since this deck has only one of each cards we can run the highlander cards:

Zephrys the Great: As stated previously this card is a must in any highlander deck due to its power level.

Kazakus: This card is not only versatile but also provides fuel for Dragoncaller Alanna and King Phaoris, against priest the mass polymorph is great, gaining armor is good against aggro, board clears are always welcome in this deck.

Reno Jackson: The OG highlander card is a very strong tool for surviving the game.

Reno the Relicologist: A strong board clear and a strong minion.

Inkmaster Solia: This is considered to be the worst highlander card, however it's very good in combination with big spells allowing us to play them with an extra body, if this is discounted to 1 by Luna's Pocket Galaxy it can be amazing.

Dragonqueen Alexstrasza: Despite its nerf it's still an amazing card in any highlander deck.

The big spells:

Most of them have the same purpose: either board clears(Rolling Fireball, Blizzard, Meteor, Flamestrike) or tempo plays (Firelands Portal, Power of Creation, Deep Freeze).

Dragon's Fury is a board clear that synergyzes very well with our deck, it's basically a cheaper Twisting Nether that we can play in the earlier phases of the game to help us transition into the late game.

Luna's Pocket Galaxy sacrifices tempo for late-game value, however we can often play this without losing too much tempo with cards such as Naga Sand WitchInkmaster Solia, Atiesh, Tortollan Pilgrim and Kalecgos.

Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron is a spell to play when you are desperate that can flip the game in your favor.

Pyroblast is a burst card that often ends games, it's probably the MVP of this deck.


There are some other cards that benefit from our huge spells.


Medivh, the Guardian gives us extra tempo when we play our spells.

Dragoncaller Alanna is used to fill the board with dragons, threatening our opponents.

King Phaoris gives us value from the spells we didn't manage to play yet, often forces the opponent to concede.

Other Cards:

Skulking Geist is a tech card to disrupt some troublesome decks, it destroys problematic cards such as Jade Idol(Jade Druid), Earthen Scales (Linecracker Druid), Togwaggle's Scheme (N'Zoth Rogue) and many others.

Tortollan Pilgrim can be used to cast Luna's Pocket Galaxy, an extra board clear or a tempo spell.

Frost Lich Jaina is the main source of healing during the late game, it also synergyzes really well with Deep Freeze.

Kalecgos not only discounts our spells but also offers a discover that can help us improve our situation.


Wait, no Scholomance cards?

Yeah, unfortuntely there aren't many cards in Scholomance that fit well in this deck as spellburst doesn't really benefit from high-cost spells.

I tried running Headmaster Kel'Thuzad but it was underperforming, acting as a win-more card and not really being playable unless it was discounted by Luna's Pocket Galaxy.


That's all for this guide, thank you for reading this far and I hope you have fun with this deck!

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