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A pretty self-explanatory midrange deck that focuses on maximizing your value per turn while minimizing your opponent's value per turn. After fighting for stability in the early game, it has a few huge swing plays, most notable being the Keymaster Alabaster + Glide combo, and big mana denial plays like Archmage Vargoth + Mana Burn. We hedge a lot on the class's available 1-cost spells, which are currently Mana Burn, Consume Magic, Double Jump, Twin Slice, and Felosophy. Each of these cards have pretty strong value on their own, but to make sure Felosophy isn't totally dead should we ever hit it, we have Ancient Void Hound along with our Spirit Jailers. Casting Felosophy to duplicate Jailers and give them +1/+1 each isn't a bad line to make in some instances, so it's not like you're required to hit AVH with it. Ultimately, tempo, AVH, and Soulciologist Malicia are our finishers.

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