Lightforged in the Barrens

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I tried my darndest to make Rally! Pally work, but it just wasn't consistent enough with the Pure Paladin limitation. That said, you could probably make a decent version of the deck with the watch posts or with Silver Hand Recruit support.

Anyway, I couldn't live with my own failure, so where did it bring me? Back to this. Lightforged Zealot might've rotated out, but thankfully, Paladin has Barricade to take its place; it's definitely more defensive and situational, but those situations come up quite often. It's nice not to get absolutely overrun by an aggressive opening, and if you get a bad draw, the 2-4 Race Guards can stop you from falling too far behind. Knight of Anointment is a good one-drop regardless of the stage of the game, but for a Knight of An ointment, you'd think he'd be able to heal you a bit. Lastly, we have the new Legendary Cariel Roame. Apparently, she was also in a Rush in her flavor text. She's pretty helpful for when the Aldors decide to host a book club at the bottom of the deck.

Essentially, it's same ol' Libram Paladin with a couple more strong additions as in there's literally two new cards from the set in this deck.


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