Brian Kibler's Freeze Hero Power Mage

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Truly a song of (Wild)Fire and Ice(Mage). Many people said that Mage got shafted pretty badly by the mini set, but the good ol' reliable Kibler has out back. Right after hitting Legend with his own take on a tempo-oriented Frenzy Warrior, the Dragon Master jumped right on Jaina (pun intended) in order to find a way for her to see the light of day. As some players speculated, an interesting take would be combining the Hero Power package with the Freeze package, and that exactly what Kibler did.

As you might imagine, this deck features the new Floecaster and Frostweave Dungeoneer (which will always summon two 1/1s, given that the only non-Frost spell is Wildfire), as well as Shattering Blast (great with Headmaster Kel'Thuzad).

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