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I haven't played much hearthstone in the past year, but I decided to just mess around a bit with the game again, since other games have gone stale for me for the moment.

I played this list from the bottom of Bronze (with a 9x modifier - I guess my MMR must still be pretty good) to Diamond with fewer than 20 total wins, including a 9-game win streak. And given my MMR, we know I'm not playing against scrubs. So, if I can do that with basically zero knowledge about the meta and having played maybe 20-30 other ranked matches in the entire year before this, I think you guys can probably also have good success with this deck.

So, I'd definitely recommend this for climbing the ladder presently. Maybe the meta will become more hostile to aggro after the changes this week, but for now, it's a REALLY good climbing deck.

Top mulligan keeps are Stilstepper, Battlefiend, Lowly Squire and Intrepid Initiate. If you have the Coin, the god-opener is to go Intrepid Initiate, coin into either Battlefiend or Lowly Squire. I had one or two opponents just immediately concede after that opener.

If you're unfamiliar with the deck, it's a board-centric, hero-attack, hyper aggro deck. The amount of burst damage available from hand is pretty out of control, but it does rely on early damage from early units to win the game, with burst from hand to finish the job later on. My only losses so far are when the opponent just has the perfect hand for their deck, or when I draw Baku and she completely messes up my Outcast cards while uselessly clogging my hand. If you draw Baku at any point, you probably lose. Otherwise, you probably win. Oh, and if you whiff on Stilstepper, that probably also costs you the game. Never play it before turn 4 (or turn 3 if you still have the coin), and then pray that you draw a playable 1-cost card from it.

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