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Hello Hunters,

It's finally time for The Rat King to shine!  The meta has slowed down and there's a lot of token synergy to play around with, so get out there and live your best Charlie Kelly life.  :D

I've uploaded the version I took to Diamond 10 this season and Saddlemaster has been a surprise star.  However, check the potential alterations section at the bottom for more food-for-thought.


We're a board-centric deck that wants to be the aggressor, but also has the ability to reload multiple times if the opponent clears or we have to defend early.

Win Conditions:


Going first:

Going second:  

Potential Alterations

There are a lot of ways to build around the Rat King package and what works best may change with the meta you're facing.

Scavenging Hyena has nice synergy with our tokens and could replace Traveling Merchant + Blood Herald

  • However, the Merchant provides pseudo-draw which the deck lacks and gets its buff the same turn you play your tokens, whereas Hyena needs the tokens to stick for a turn unless they have rush.
  • Blood Herald is nice because its buff is guaranteed and typically grows larger than a Hyena which makes it harder to remove and able to survive hitting a taunt first once it has windfury

The Ram Commander + Saddlemaster package could also be replaced.  Possible candidates include:

This deck is still a work-in-progress and I'll post an update at the top if I make any changes.  Please let me know if you're finding success with anything else!  Until then...

Happy Rat Hunting!

- RD

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