Genn is a Big Warrior!

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      A man of honor, I expect nothing less from him. Here, you can see how brave he can be. Inspired from this deck, I wanted to make Even version of it because core Big Warrior cards cost even such as Gather Your Party/Dimensional Ripper. Thus, results were great for this deck, even without Brawl/Supercollider.



      Here is how you can unleash the power within Even Big Warrior: Hard mulligan for Bright-Eyed Scout, followed by Revenge/Warpath/Blood Razor. Then, on turn 4, play Bright-Eyed Scout and hope for the best. Your possible outcomes are listed down below:



      Aside from possible outcomes, Genn Greymane is the MVP here. 2 Armor for 1-Mana is really punishing against Aggro and Control matches, that's why. If you think that Odd Warrior is sick, you know nothing.



     Unlike my previous decks, I can't really recommend substitutions because all cards really fit in harmony. However, that doesn't mean I can't answer your questions. Ask me right away, then I will give my answer in return. So, have fun in Wild format!

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