No, it's not weekend yet. In this midweek special Wild post, we'll take a look what kind of tricks the newcomer Illidan has come up with during his short existence for Wild, assisted by our creative community members.

Odd Demon Hunter

Let's start with the obvious one. Illidan became friends with Baku quite quickly after release and different variants of the deck are already a common sight in Wild. This particular list had 70+% winrate on HSReplay at the time of writing, although the sample size was rather low.

Highlander Demon Hunter

Another deck that was always bound to happen. This list comes from Helios, whose other 65% winrate DH list was already spotlighted on last weekend's Wild post.

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Pirate Demon Hunter

We've already learned that Demon Hunters are a quite aggressive class that wants to end games fast. The same can be said about Pirates as a Tribe. MisterGuedes did the 1+1 and came up with this list.

OTK Demon Hunter

This OTK deck from Thonson seems dangerously simple. All you need is to have Demonic Blast hero power ready and then play the three combo pieces that have gotten a taste of Thaurissan's power. Or you could just rip Skull of Gul'dan and hit all three instead.

Spiteful Demon Hunter

I'd imagine some of you didn't think it was even possible, but MrRhapsody went and made Demon Hunters even more Spiteful than they already were.

Looking for more Demon Hunter ideas? Take a look at these decks.

Came up with something Demonic yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in the comments below. Don't forget to write a guide!