New expansion, new mechanic! Corrupt is a new keyword arriving in Madness at the Darkmoon Faire!

What is Corrupt?

Corrupt cards upgrade with new effects while they are in your hand. The upgrade trigger happens after you play a card that costs more.

Day at the Faire Card ImageDay at the Faire Card Image

So far, we've seen only a few of the new Corrupted cards and we can already tell that the mechanic is going to be a high impact one, though it does come with a deck-building challenge. In order to get the additional effect, you need to play a higher cost card first while having the Corrupt card in hand. This can become troublesome, especially if the Corrupt card's cost is also high.

Dunk Tank Card ImageDunk Tank Card Image

Being able to get the cards Corrupted might be even more difficult in Arena, for some of them anyway, since you usually don't draft very many high-cost cards. Good thing is that the cards seem playable on face value alone, so you can pick them and sometimes get the real value, but not be sad if you don't.

Fleethoof Pearltusk Card ImageFleethoof Pearltusk Card Image

But Wait, There's More!

Liv Breeden, a Designer on the Hearthstone team, revealed in a recent interview, that there is going to be a 9-Cost Corrupt card with a crazy effect! I can't wait to see what it does!

With that in mind, there comes another twist - Y'Shaarj, the Defiler. Whatever that 9-Cost Corrupt card is going to be, you can get an extra copy, among other things, that will cost 0, from Y'Shaarj. This is getting even crazier :)

Y'Shaarj, the Defiler Card Image

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What do you think about the new mechanic? Do you think it has potential? What characters would you like to see get corrupted? Tell us in the comments.

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