Community card reveal bingo returns for Madness at the Darkmoon Faire!

The Bingo Card

Here is what our fresh card looks like.

The Currently Completed Card

These are all the squares we've currently checked off. This will be updated roughly once a day after reveals are over for the day, so check back!

Shadow CloneRing TossN'Zoth, God of the DeepRing TossDarkmoon Tonk
Deck of LunacyMalevolent Strike   
Sweet ToothGrand FinaleExpendable PerformersWicked WhispersSilas Darkmoon
Fortune Teller Ticket MasterRedscale DragontamerSword Eater
Maxima Blastenheimer Prize Plunderer Insatiable Felhound

Maxima Blastenheimer fits in the Old Set Callback and Fairegrounds box. For now, we'll consider Fairegrounds.

Criteria - How Do We Win Each Box?

Each box has a specific way that it can get checked. In addition to that, a single card in the expansion can only cross off one box, so we'll need to choose wisely!

Here is how we'll determine if a box gets checked. Keep in mind that we create these Bingo cards a bit in advance which is why some boxes will already be checked off. Silas, for example, was almost a given provided we were certain this was a Darkmoon Faire expansion.

Row 1

  • Rogue Secret - Any Secret synergy for Rogues.
  • Ultra Cutie - A card that has absolutely adorable art. Don't let us down, Matt Dixon!
  • Pre-Order Collectible Hero - The hero we receive in the pre-order also has a card of a similar name in the main set.
  • Consistently Inconsistent - A jab at Blizzard. Something on a card will be inconsistent with previous goes at the same thing. This is usually how a card is phrased or a particular word not being capitalized when it has been in the past.
  • Ride Ticket - A card's art depicts a ride or game from the Darkmoon Faire in World of Warcraft.

Row 2

  • Random Spells - A Mage card that creates or casts random spells.
  • Powercreep - Any card which is strictly better than another. Stats or text have to be improved over the "base" version.
    • A class card is not power creep over a neutral card as they generally are designed to be more powerful than neutrals.
  • What? Thrall Is Evolving! - A Shaman card that uses the Evolve mechanic.
  • Class Card In Disguise - A neutral card that is really meant to play well with one class.
  • Big Demons - A Demon Hunter card that has the Demon tribe and big stats, or synergizes with large Demons.

Row 3

  • Leak-y Faucet - A card gets leaked.
  • Year of the Phoenix - A Phoenix in the artwork of a card as the primary point of interest.
  • ITS SO FLUFFY! - A card gets revealed and we don't know the name of it due to translation.
  • Disco Fever! - A Warlock card that supports the Discarding archetype.
  • A Wild Silas Has Appeared - Silas Darkmoon.

Row 4

  • We Heard You Like Cards - So we put a card in your card's artwork.
  • Spells for Slate - A Hunter card that makes for great synergy with Professor Slate.
  • Prize Ticket - A card's art depicts a ticket.
  • Murgledin - A Paladin card that supports the Murloc archetype.
  • Weapon Warrior - A Warrior card that supports WEAPONS. IN YOUR FACE.

Row 5

  • Fairegrounds Employee - A named card that represents an employee at the Darkmoon Faire.
  • I Will Take That - A Priest card that copies or steals cards.
  • Old Set Callback - A card that calls back to a mechanic in an earlier set.
  • Ramp Up - A Druid card that allows them to continue to cheat at the game.
  • Silverback Family Reunion - A Taunt card that is better than Silverback Patriarch.

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