The new expansion is (almost) here! We've had the patch, now we just need to wait a bit longer to play with the cards for... some reason. Did I miss an announcement about why there's such a delay between the expansion launch and the patch date, actually? I don't necessarily mind it, it just feels quite abnormal.

Conversation is of course excited about our murder mystery - the WCDC is finally taking it on!

Champion's Spirit

We begin by congratulating Wailor on their WCDC win with Spirit Tamer Thexor!

They'll be suggesting ideas for next week's theme, so look forward to that!

Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil

It's back and badder than ever - KingKuba's Bringers of Doom custom expansion returns to the Spotlight for a third time, this time focused on the new Duels and Mercenaries content that would release alongside this fictional expansion.


I talked about this before when the Battlegrounds section of the expansion was covered, but it can be tricky to come up with ideas for every mode that Hearthstone has when creating a custom expansion, especially if you don't often play some of them as KingKuba readily admits.

I am one of the players that actually plays a decent amount of Mercenaries, for example, and yet still I'd be mystified trying to come up with an entirely new character for it. Never mind the balance, I'd struggle just coming up with ideas for the abilities.

Despite their ignorance though, KingKuba gave both Duels and Mercenaries a fair shake in an attempt to create as realistic an expansion as possible, and I can't help but appreciate the dedication. I like seeing how the mechanics and themes from their main set have been carried over in the designs for each mode, and it makes me excited to one day attempt it with one of my own expansions. For some reason before seeing it done it had never occurred to me to go so in-depth with a project; I suppose even when you've been around as long as I have you can still find entirely new ideas to get interested in.

I recommend clicking through to read the full interview, which shows off all the various nuances of each character. It also contains links to the previous interviews showing off the main set and the Battlegrounds content, both of which I loved as well.

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