With the upcoming Maw and Disorder Mini-Set for Murder at Castle Nathria just announced, the new cards continue being unveiled! For the final set of reveals from today, we've got three Neutral cards: one Common, Rare, and Epic, respectively. They join the other two signature Neutral Legendaries - Sylvanas, the Accused and The Jailer

  • As usual we're going to see 35 new cards, with a trial theme visible throughout!
  • You can find the full ongoing card reveal schedule and all countdowns on our special page.
  • Make sure to follow along with all the card reveals through our dedicated articles, and see all of it collected in our Mini-Set guide.
  • 24.4 Patch notes will be posted on Monday, September 26.
  • The patch launches, alongside the new cards, on Tuesday, September 27.
  • Besides all of the Mini-Set additions, there will also be new content for Hearthstone Mercenaries.

New Neutral Cards Revealed

It all comes to us via Hearthstone Twitter:

Soul Seeker Card Image

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Afterlife Attendant Card Image

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Tight-Lipped Witness Card Image

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  • This is the only Epic card featured in the upcoming Mini-Set (Secrets have not taken over the game at this point).
  • If Theotar, the Mad Duke wasn't enough disruption for you, here comes another option!
  • And unsurprisingly, even more support being given to this expansion's Infuse keyword