March of the Lich King card reveal season here on Out of Cards continues! Every day we'll be covering all the card reveals in both individual articles and in one overall article showcasing that day's finds. You're in our Day 14 article.

Interestingly, this time around Blizzard is going for a synergistic reveal period, which is going to better showcase the cards and the tools they are meant to work with, which in turn might lead to better early theorycrafting. Here are articles for all previous days:

Due to the nature of timezones, Day 14 for me might be different than Day 14 for you. We're basing our days off of "Eastern time" in North America which is currently UTC -5.

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Today's Card Reveals

Below you can see all the new cards that were revealed for today. Don't forget to leave your thoughts on the cards by visiting the discussion threads. You can take part in our March of the Lich King Tavern Crawl to earn some limited-time site titles with that sweet Lich King and Death Knight flavor! Will you be able to vote and comment on all 145 cards for your Champion of the Frozen Wastes title?

Cards are sorted by rarity, followed by their costs.

Of note is that a number of cards currently getting revealed have already been leaked during the Death Knight Preview Showmatch Streams: 17 on Day 1 and 5 on Day 2. As a result of this, today's reveals featured a handful of previously seen cards: Vast Wisdom for Mage, plus Underking and Crypt Keeper for Druid. At least everything else was brand new.

New March of the Lich King Card Reveals for November 23

Upcoming Card Reveals

Here are all the card reveals that we got to see today. If you're looking for the overall reveal schedule, we've got one of those too!

Day 15 will have to wait for its turn, as we are now headed towards a small Thanksgiving break. After that, the final set of reveals will bring us all of the remaining cards for the new expansion. There isn't much left now! 

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More March of the Lich King Card Reveals

Reveal season is here and as usual, we have an expansion guide to help you follow along with all the fun! Use it to see all the card reveals, organized by class.


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