The full set of cards for March of the Lich King has been revealed a little while ago, and we're nearing the time when they can finally become a part of our collection. Still not sure what to make of Druid or what kind of decks to play? We've broken down the class archetypes for the upcoming expansion, discussed the new cards, and gathered a variety of theorycraft decks from streamers, pros, and community members to guide you on Day 1.

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Now, onto what's approaching ever closer. Before we jump into a variety of potential decks, here is a quick look at the class in the upcoming expansion: 

Lich King Druid - Quick Impressions

  • Mana-cheating will be as prevalent as ever, with Anub'Rekhan and Crypt Keeper creating big swing turns.
  • Despite the massive infusion of Undead minions, the Aggro deck built around them is still too narrowly-focused.
  • Until Sire Denathrius is nerfed, expect to see the card a lot in Druid matchups. Cards like Unending Swarm play right into him.

Lich King Druid - Expansion Cards & Archetypes 

For Druid, two archetypes have come to the forefront as the early favorites: Big Armor and Aggro Undead.

Big Armor Druid

Crypt Keeper Card Image Chitinous Plating Card Image Underking Card Image Anub'Rekhan Card Image

Stall while ramping up to big, game-ending plays; sound familiar? Druid can keep on keepin' on with its usual plan, exploiting impressive Mana tools while utilizing new toys to stay in the game longer. Cards like Feral Rage can instantly discount Crypt Keeper to 0, creating Taunts from seemingly-nowhere. When you're ready, chain Brann Bronzebeard into Anub'Rekhan for a giant pool of "free Mana" you can then spend on Sire Denathrius, Astalor, the Flamebringer, or any-other insane combo you wish to bring forth.

Aggro Undead Druid

Lingering Zombie Card Image Unending Swarm Card Image Wither Card Image Elder Nadox Card Image

Aggro Druid is as old as time itself, so what can an (icky) coat of paint bring to the archetype? Unfortunately, not anything too spectacular that will warrant pivoting away from established trends. Lingering Zombie and Unending Swarm are great for staying on the board, and they could be incorporated into an aggressive Druid no problem. Wither and Elder Nadox, however, are so focused on the new minion type that they may fail to gain traction: the pool of Undead does not appear to be good enough to warrant focusing upon them at the expense of all else.

Lich King Druid - Top Neutral Cards

Astalor Bloodsworn Card Image Hawkstrider Rancher Card ImageNerubian Vizier Card Image Infected Peasant Card Image

Astalor is an incredibly powerful card, providing a ping for removal, Armor for stalling/cheating with Astalor, the Protector, and finally a big payoff with Astalor, the Flamebringer. He's everything you could want in a card; expect to see him everywhere.

Outside of him, the Neutral package doesn't provide too much for Big Armor Druid. Other Druid archetypes wouldn't mind them, though: Hawkstrider Rancher provides board stickiness and buffs, on a premium body. Infected Peasant carries this theme forward, while Nerubian Vizier can easily proc for cheap new spells, what with all of these Undead dying left and right.

Lich King Druid - Day 1 Hearthstone Decks to Try

Not sure what to play for the class while we fight alongside or against the Lich King? We've gathered a handful of early deck ideas from all across the Hearthstone tavern just to help you out:

RegisKillbin's Armor Druid

How about a casual 100-damage OTK? Brann Bronzebeard makes all your Anub'Rekhan dreams come true, so embrace your Druid overlords!...until Brann is dumped back to Wild, at any rate. Wildheart Guff continues to be scary, but a simple Innervate can start the Pain Train as well.

Superior David's Celestial Armor Druid

Who needs a ton of Armor when your cards only cost 1 apiece? Superior David does admit that he would probably cut some of the newer cards if the Theorycraft Stream rules didn't force the issue: Beetlemancy in particular is fairly redundant.

Edelweiss' Nature Aggro Druid

Featuring zero Legendary cards, this is the ultimate deck for players on a budget. Lingering Zombie and Hawkstrider Rancher provide a ton of minions that can stick to the board, pushing for chip damage and winning the day with sheer swarm power.

Jesse Alexander's Boar Druid 

Yes, you read it right. The Boar menace may not be reserved only for Priest anymore. The potential of this archetype has been recently discussed by Funki Monki and MarkMcKz (who actually had a good run with it during the recent theorycrafting streams), but it was Jesse Alexander who swooped in with some potential lists to share. Looking scary if this prophecy comes true.

More Class Coverage for March of the Lich King

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What do you think of Druid's card package for the upcoming expansion? Which decks are you going to take for a spin once March of the Lich King goes live on December 6? Is there something else from your favorite content creator that we didn't include here? Let us know in the comments!