The new expansion has arrived, and it holds some special gifts just as it was previously announced. When you log into the game, you can already find the new event active in your Journal - The Lich King's Call.

Most fittingly for the largest expansion celebration, it all goes one step further than ever before: replacing the good ol' Innkeeper Harth Stonebrew with the raspy voice of Arthas, who will be our designated Tavern host for the next couple of weeks. The background has also appropriately changed, with the icy Hearthstone box featured front and center. Also let's not forget the special thematic music and sounds! You may wish to unmute your game for the duration. 

Besides the selection of Daily Quests (which can be rerolled into an easier one for lower XP amount), every player gets an extra "legendary" quest-chain which starts with completing the Death Knight Prologue. You need 1000 event XP (eXP) to claim all the rewards and the quest-chain alone gets you more than halfway there, with total of 575 eXP. You can also earn eXP simply by playing games. The received amount might vary based on game length and the mode of choice. 

Do keep in mind that these tasks aren't available all at once and seem to unlock on a daily basis - just like it was with the Knights of Hallow's End, the very first event introducing this revamped delivery system. So it's going to take until Saturday before everything becomes fully accessible. Meanwhile, you can take it slow and enjoy the Death Knight Prologue

Among the rewards are 3 of the new Signature cards - Shatterskin Gargoyle, Arcsplitter and Infectious Ghoul. If you've already opened enough of the new expansion packs and own two disenchantable copies of either of those minions, you should be prompted to reroll them into something else of respective rarity once you attempt to claim the corresponding Signature card. 

Shatterskin Gargoyle Signature Card Image Arcsplitter Signature Card Image Infectious Ghoul Signature Card Image

What do you think about this new event? Do you like the new Signature cards? Are you looking forward to play with any of them? Tell us in the comments below!