Let's take a look at some Wild decks to play while waiting for the Showdown in the Badlands expansion to arrive on Tuesday.

Shuffle Rogue

You can already get a taste of the Badlands by playing Thunderbringer. In order to get even more excited, you should play a couple of more Thunderbringers. MarkMcKz's list allows you to have infinite waves of the Elemental Beast coming at your opponent.

Mill Mage

If you like gifting some free draws for your opponent, 0Alquimista has a list for you. Duplicate will help you copy your card draw minions while Archivist Elysiana will fill your deck when you run out of cards.

Deck ID Not Found

Enrage Warrior

Not quite the typical list. Travenura has been tinkering with some low-Cost lists and this is the Enrage Warrior that came out of the brewery.

Highlander Rogue

I guess doingtheobvious isn't living up to the name, rejecting Kingsbane and instead choosing to build another big weapon to smack your opponent with.

Questline Warlock

Anyone remember Questline Warlock? The deck is no longer the menace it used to be but can still take some wins if called upon.

What decks are you playing this weekend? Let us know in the comments below!