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Here we will be taking a closer look at what Hearthstone has for us in store when it comes to Gameplay XP Achievements for the Demon Hunter class in Forged in the Barrens expansion (plus The Wailing Caverns Mini-Set). Each one gets its own section below, so you could always scroll down if looking for tips and tricks for anything in particular. All other important info along with the links to other classes and categories can be found here.

Demon Hunter Barrens Achievements - General

Demon Hunter continues getting fairly easy things to do, although this particular bunch may take a while to finish and greatly test your patience in the process. Maybe you already got some progress here and there by playing some of the regular decks. At least it's possible to throw everything together for that gradual completion with each consequent game, if that's your wish: 

As always, we will be defaulting to Standard format lists with the assumption that many players may not have the necessary older cards, then adding relevant notes for Wild and Duels where applicable. Remember that this is just one example of a possible direction to take! Mix and match per your own needs. Tips, tricks, and recommended cards for each separate achievement as follows:

How to Complete the "Don't Dead Open Inside" Barrens Achievement

By adding more and more Deathrattle themes, of course! We want our synergies and card draw where we can get them. On a side note, the name of this achievement is a clever reference to a certain poster and a scene from that one popular show about dead things.

How to Complete the "To the Left-Mooost! To the Waaall!" Barrens Achievement

Not by heading left or hitting any walls, we can tell you that much. Kurtrus Ashfallen would be certainly nice to have. Otherwise we just take a roundabout route to get as many copies of Illidari Studies as possible, which in turn can discover that Legendary card for us. The pool of Outcast cards available in Standard isn't currently that big. 

How to Complete the "VENGEANCE... Next Turn" Barrens Achievement

This might make you swear vengeance on Hearthstone developers, while it takes hundreds of "next turns" to reach the completion. We only have Sigil of Silence and Sigil of Flame available to us currently, so we will want to try discover many more copies and hopefully speed things up. 

One important thing to note here, however. Celestalon, one of the driving forces behind the development of Hearthstone achievements, had this to say about the sigils: 

Quote From Celestalon
A word about the Sigils one: The quota on that one seems high now, but it'll get easier when more Sigils are added. Unless you're in a hurry to get all the achievements now now now, you can take your time with that one.

While not an official confirmation for more Sigil cards arriving with the upcoming Mini-Set, it is a very distinct possibility. It might be one of those instances where waiting could actually prove to be more beneficial. But meanwhile, we will proceed for the sake of the stubborn and the patient: 

  • Mulligan for: Sigils, Immolation Aura, Venomous Scorpid
  • The sigils have to trigger, not just be played. Which means surviving that one extra turn. 
  • Aside from lucking out with spell discovers, Zai, the Incredible and Educated Elekk can straight out copy Sigil cards for further use. But you'll still have to live on long enough to make use of either option. Lifesteal and board clears pair up nicely with Mo'arg Artificer
  • Some might say Magtheridon was born to work with Sigil of Flame. If you got the card, you can have some fun with it. 
  • Wild format note: Vulpera Scoundrel is another cheap discover option, but at the same time we are looking at a larger pool of spells to choose from. If you stumble upon a nice enough player on the other side, you could always set up Sigil exchange through Lorewalker Cho... but that's more of a dream scenario. 

Other Resources

Our clever community members set up a forum thread just for such achievement progression, and we have added separate #achievements channel to our Discord server. Feel free to join in! Any comment in here will also not go unnoticed, if you'd like to share your own experiences or point out anything in particular. We try to keep an eye on things and reply swiftly. 

Good luck tackling any of these achievements for your experience boost or just for the sake of satisfying completion!