On August 31, 2021, Blizzard patched in the second Hearthstone Mystery into the game which was seen through a new ??? achievement under the Stormwind Neutral section. This guide's goal is to explain how to complete these mysteries so you can obtain your card back as quickly and pain-free as possible.

  • All games played for this puzzle are found in Practice.
  • The recent Hearthstone patch moved Solo Adventures into the "Modes" button.
  • Modes -> Solo Adventure -> Practice. That's where you can fight the Innkeeper.
  • The Innkeeper can be playing any class, you will however be playing Druid.

Interestingly, this was solved much faster than it should of been thanks to the game leaking data in game logs. Oops.

Table of Contents

    How to Solve Stormwind Mystery #1 - Portal Puzzle Maze

    This was originally solved by Windjammer on the WoW Secrets Discord on August 31.

    You're going to need two cards in order to activate this puzzle via playing against the Innkeeper in a practice game - Oracle of Elune and Moonfire. Create a deck that contains both of these cards.

    Oracle of Elune Card Image Moonfire Card Image

    The general gist of this puzzle is that we are inside of a maze and when you move through it, you either take a portal or you don't (turn around).

    • If you go through a portal, it removes one health from it.
    • If a portal dies, the whole maze resets.
    • Your Hero Power makes you do a 180 degree turn inside the maze.
    • Start the puzzle by attacking your Oracle of Elune with your Moonfire.

    Here is the solution, step by step. Thanks to Alexanderjac for writing out the original steps that we used to create this solution. If you would rather see the list together, click the following spoiler.

    You are on Step 1.

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    Full Stormwind Maze Steps
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    If you would like to see a map of the maze, and the path you will end up taking, we can thank Jay8Kay for providing one.

    Stormwind Maze Image

    How to Solve Stormwind Mystery #2

    This was originally suggested as the solution by Angzt on the WoW Secrets Discord on September 3.

    There are two stages to this puzzle, as we can see from the 0/2 criteria on the second achievement. Once you have made yourself familiar with how it works, we have a solver available.

    You must create a deck which contains Ysera the Dreamer and Lunar Eclipse. Queue up against the Innkeeper in practice mode with your deck.

    Ysera the Dreamer Card Image Lunar Eclipse Card Image

    • The solution for stage 1 is going to be different for everyone. This is not the case for stage 2.
    • Boards reset every 12 hours, so if you take too long to complete the second mystery, you're going to have to start over.
    • If you make a mistake, you have to start over.
    • You make progress by playing cards from your hand on the "?" card on your side of the field.
    • Start the puzzle by attacking your Ysera the Dreamer with your Lunar Eclipse.

    The Tribes

    Each card in your hand represents a different tribe in Hearthstone and a number. These numbers match the position of the card in your hand.


    Board Setup

    The board contains minions on your opponent's side and on yours.

    • The minions on your side of the board indicate what you will need to do for the step.
    • Both minions on your side of the board, aside from the 0/1 ? minion, match minions on the opponent's side.
    • The left side minion on your side of the board indicates the start of the sequence.
    • The right side minion on your side of the board indicates the stop of the sequence.
    • We play cards from our hand onto the "?" minion to make solves in order.

    We will refer to your setup as the minion sequence down below. This is all the minions from the start to stop on your opponent's side of the board.

    How to Solve Stage #1
    1. Add the values of all the tribes of the minion sequence together.
      • Take the last digit of your tribe value to figure out what kind of card you will need to play.
    2. Add the values of the health of the minion sequence together.
      • Take the last three digits of this value.
      • Starting from the last digit of that value, play cards based on their tribe.
      • Continue playing cards for the middle digit and finally the first digit.
      • If you number was 374, you'd first place a Beast (4), then Quilboar (7), and finally an Elemental (3).
    3. Add the values of the attack of the minion sequence together.
      • Take the last three digits of this value.
      • Starting from the last digit of that value, play cards based on their tribe.
      • Continue playing cards for the middle digit and finally the first digit.
      • If you number was 374, you'd first place a Beast (4), then Quilboar (7), and finally an Elemental (3).

    Completing Stage 1 correctly will change your side of the board to Chronobreaker and Buccaneer.

    How to Solve Stage #2

    This solution required the entire community to come together and work as a team but, due to some leaky logfiles in the client, it didn't require as much teamwork as was originally hoped.

    The solution is thankfully quite simple to execute and is the same for everyone. These are the important sets of numbers you need to know.

    • 2913997
    • 7605218
    • 2372358
    • 6190849
    • 8747787

    The above numbers once again refer to the tribe of card in your hand.

    • Play out each of these sequences, one at at time, by playing the correct cards from your hand.
    • When you finish a sequence correctly, the minions on the board will change.
    • Completing the final sequence correctly rewards you with the card back.

    Easy Solve - Stormwind Mystery Stage 2 Calculator

    We've got an easy to use solver for you to use down below.

    Step 1: Enter Minion Stats

    Minion 1 (Left)

    Minion 2

    Minion 3

    Minion 4 (Middle)

    Minion 5

    Minion 6

    Minion 7 (Right)

    Step 2: Your Board

    Your left minion matches which position on your opponent's board?

    Your right minion matches which position on your opponent's board?

    Step 3: Your Sequence

    Play cards from your hand in the order below.

    1. You must fill in the above forms.

    For fun, here are your values.


    Step 4: Community Sequences

    These are the same for everyone. Play cards from your hand in the orders below.


    What Does the Stormwind Mystery Reward?

    We aren't only here to get a card back, there's also rewards track experience to earn! Here's everything you will obtain by completing this mystery:

    • Gift of Elune card back. (Click your achieves to add to collection)
    • 300 Experience for completing the first part.
    • 500 Experience for completing the second part.

    Celestalon's Comments

    Celeston wrote a bit about the mystery on the WoW Secrets Discord.

    Quote From Celestalon

    Puzzle 1: This was a warmup, expected to take you all an hour or two to solve, and that's about what it took you. Explore the maze, figure out the path to leave each node at 1hp, everyone makes some progress, fun.

    Puzzle 2-1: This actually got first solved in a different way than I expected, using the 1:6=7 method (will explain why that worked in a sec). But once you found several correct solutions, it didn't take you too long to reverse engineer the pattern, and come up with the method for solving this.

    Puzzle 2-2: Armed with your knowledge that it was asking for the sum of the minions in that range, you now were asked for the notorious Chronobreaker to Buccaneer range. Except, you don't have that range on your board?

    Well, some people do. Some people out there have a Chronobreaker with those exact stats.

    You were on the right track with that spreadsheet from Patch. You just needed more data.

    And once you collected more data, you'd have noticed that some people had the same minions, and that their sequences connected, like a large jigsaw puzzle. You never got this far, but you were on the right track.

    Chrono-Bucc were only 14ish(I think?) minions apart in the sequence.

    Lemme jump back to why the 1:6=7 thing worked…

    Every 7th minion is a sum of the previous 6. We did that so that you had a 'checksum' to verify the data as people added it, so that one person's typo wouldn't screw up everything.

    Some people just happened to get a sequence where that checksum minion was in the 7th slot on their board. Bam, 1:6=7.

    AND, every 12hr, your spot in the sequence advanced by 7. So everyone was getting increasingly larger sequential strings of minions. That ensured that even with low participation, you could eventually fill in holes.

    Which is why, if you were one of the 1/7 of people that the 1:6=7 worked for, it always worked with each reset.

    Yep, it was a loop. Chrono-Bucc was only like 14 apart like I said. But steps 3-6 were increasingly large ranges.

    So you would have needed to keep collecting data, to cover the full length of each of those ranges.

    Oh, also, there were no duplicates, including the checksums. That was fun to engineer. So your 123[dragon]456 was always unique, only in one place in the chain.

    We should continue adding boards to the spreadsheet so we can get the full loop

    Well, that's why I say it's impossible now. The chain is quite long. Quite quite long. The expectation was that you realized you were on the right path after steps 2 and maybe 3, and started a big social media campaign to get tons and tons of people in the community involved and to report their data each day.

    Was hoping to have this be a huge community-driven event.

    How big are we talking? Hundreds or thousands of chains?

    299,999 to be precise.

    Oh damn. 300k minions? So even finding the Chrono or Bucc would've taken us a while, huh

    Yeah, but you would have realized that your boards were connected pretty soon, Angzt

    Anyway, it would have been quite the grand experiment. Ah well. Maybe next time.