We've collected the best Shaman Hearthstone decks that you need to be playing in Hearthstone for the Showdown in the Badlands expansion. Showdown in the Badlands launched with 145 new cards on November 14 and has brought plenty of new strategies to Hearthstone's meta to close out the Year of the Wolf.

The decks below are a mix of expensive, cheap, easy to play, and difficult to master. Please keep in mind that the meta is constantly evolving and a deck that works today may not work tomorrow - spend your arcane dust wisely!

Table of Contents

Week 1 Decks

The following decks come to us early during Showdown in the Badlands launch. Use these decks as-is or morph them into your own creations.

Elemental Shaman

Highlander Shaman

Nature Shaman

What Shaman decks are you playing in Showdown in the Badlands?