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How It Works

The goal is to play Jepetto Joybuzz to hit Archmage Antonidas reducing it to 1 mana. Then with 2 Sorcerer's Apprentice, one Potion of Illusion and Antonidas in hand, you play your minions then the spell, this will copy two apprentices to your hand which you also play and the spell will have given you a fire ball which will start off your OTK.

Why it can work

As you can see the deck is really low on minions which will guarantee that Jepetto will hit Antonidas most of the time. However, it might happen you draw Antonidas before Jepetto, then things must be done differently: either you saved your coin, so you can turn Antonidas into a one mana dude with one Potion of Illusion when you have 10 mana. Or: you have played Incanter's Flow reducing a Potion of Illusion in cost so you will not need coin.

Useful tips

The Sphere of Sapience can be used to put Antonidas in the bottom of your deck. Lorekeeper Polkelt is used to get to your Jepetto and/or your Reno for that board clear you need. This is tricky though; after playing polkelt, when you draw Jepetto you must immediately play him otherwise Antonidas will be drawn (except if you still have that weapon equipped). This can be dangerous since the turn you play Jepetto you can not react to board state. I have experimented with putting extra cards in there (say more 8 mana stuff) but sometimes you really want it to be quick.  Also note that we then have two blizzards and then comes your potion of illusion, so Polkelt is guaranteed to draw your whole combo within 5 turns if you have one apprentice already in hand. Finally, note that your combo can also work if you have one Sorcerer's Apprentice, one Archmage Antonidas of one mana, and two Potion of Illusions in hand and sufficient mana, since then you play apprentice ->antonidas->potion->apprentice->potion->apprentice->apprentice and fireballs. This solves the problem of not having all your apprentices in hand.

Another tip: sometimes you can pull off your combo even if you still need that potion of illusion which is still in your deck. Example: you have apprentices and a one mana antonidas in hand, and a discounted Arcane Intellect card, and you have played polkelt. So you know if you draw 2, you will get your potion of illusion. So you start your combo, play 2 apprentices, play your zero cost draw, get your potion and...you win.

The other cards

Rest of the deck is defensive cheap stuff so you do not die early, so I put some defensive secrets in there, this can be changed at will as long as you not add minions...since that will reduce your exodia combo chance. I also added a Deck of Lunacy which will not spoil your combo once you have a Potion of Illusion in your hand, and can be a secondary win condition as well.


Demon Hunters and Paladins are tough to beat, Demon Hunter because we do have removal but no anti-weapon/healing. Paladins are tough because their minions get too big and they can refill too easy so you will not have a turn to play Jepetto safely.



Always keep Sphere of Sapience and Potion of Illusion and Sorcerer's Apprentice and Jepetto Joybuzz obviously.


In a variant I added Sathrovarr  and  Malygos and Ras Frostwhisper as extra targets for Jepetto. Low and behold, it can work! https://hsreplay.net/replay/8zzxjrUytsKYDysEFueM44

Insane last turn...absolutely no luck there. Pure skill. 28 Damage from one Frostbolt.

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