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I just used this deck to climb from Gold 4 to Platinum 4. Doesn't seem very impressive, right? Well, i don't have any stars. I got a big win streak which nets only 2 stars for me and that helped me make a strong push towards a more comfortable spot on the ladder. I spent nearly two months without playing and my star bonus suffered a lot because of it. I'm slowly recovering and this deck helped a lot. It also gave me a 11 win streak last month before the release of UiS. The deck changed since then but it still performs very well. People are sleeping on Librams. They are strong still.

Card Choices

The big changes on this list in comparison to its iteration from before UiS is the inclusion of a partial handbuff package comprised of Alliance Bannerman and Overlord Runthak. Bannerman allows better cycling for the deck and the increased stats on the minions make them harder to remove and also improves their pressure on the opponent. Varian, King of Stormwind also provides good draw and is a very strong threat/removal. Libram of Judgment and Libram of Hope give a good deal of sustain, damage and protection. I cut Libram of Justice because it wasn't having a good impact even with Flesh Giants roaming around but it can be included in place of Lord Barov. Barov is better because he benefits from the handbuffs. Consecration can be swapped for City Tax but the face damage can make a difference, occasionally. I didn't test the remaining handbuff package in Catacomb Guard/First Blade of Wrynn because i'm on a limited budget but they should do fine as well. The Rustrot Viper can be replaced with anything as it is a tech that works well for me (i met a lot of decks with weapons). Beware though! Robes of Protection may look like a good option on paper but it has a heavy anti-synergy with Libram of Wisdom. Be careful!

Closing Thoughts

This is a good deck for people who didn't open many packs from the new expansion (like me). It isn't a budget deck but it mostly uses cards from previous expansions that most people own, cards from the core set and only a few new cards so it is a good option for those without a lot of dust.

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