Are you wondering what flavor text the Hearthstone gods bestowed upon us with Rise of Shadows? Look no further!

Druid Rise of Shadows Flavor Text

Hunter Rise of Shadows Flavor Text

  • Vereesa Windrunner - Good things come in threes: Windrunner sisters and arrows of Thori'dal.
  • Oblivitron - Reduce, reuse, re-rattle!
  • Nine Lives - Beware the night of the living pets!
  • Arcane Fletcher - Stop trying to make fletch happen. It's not going to happen.
  • Unleash the Beast - The Kirin Tor have always been lax in enforcing leash laws.
  • Hunting Party - Not sure I’d call it a good party if everyone ends up beside themselves.
  • Shimmerfly - Plenty of buzz around this card.
  • Marked Shot - Obviously it's marked for greatness.
  • Rapid Fire - Pew! Pew!
  • Ursatron - It's been programmed to include all the bear necessities.

Mage Rise of Shadows Flavor Text

Paladin Rise of Shadows Flavor Text

Priest Rise of Shadows Flavor Text

  • Madame Lazul - Of course she knows the future, she’s been looking at your cards the WHOLE TIME!
  • Catrina Muerte - She always manages to lift your spirits.
  • Lazul's Scheme - "What's that you're dreaming? You're weak and you're screaming! It must be my scheming..."
  • Shadowy Figure - Terrible at shadow puppets: “This is… a tentacle! And this is… two tentacles!”
  • Forbidden Words - Please confirm your age before reading this flavor text.
  • Mass Resurrection - One's company, two's a crowd, and three's a “mass” resurrection, apparently.
  • Convincing Infiltrator - It’s always nice to steal a familiar face.
  • Hench-Clan Shadequill - The Hench-Clan has a point.
  • EVIL Conscripter - Kobold! There’s a place you can handle I said kobold! When you’re short in the candle Cast a spell with the E! V! I! L!
  • Unsleeping Soul - It's 3 am. Do you know where your soul is?

Rogue Rise of Shadows Flavor Text

Shaman Rise of Shadows Flavor Text

Warlock Rise of Shadows Flavor Text

Warrior Rise of Shadows Flavor Text

  • The Boom Reaver - “What’s better than reaving? BOOM reaving!”
  • Blastmaster Boom - He's gonna fly through the air with the greatest of grease.
  • Wrenchcalibur - Whoso pulleth out this wrench from the toolbox is rightwise king of the lab.
  • Omega Devastator - The Alpha Devastator didn’t devastate enough. The Beta Devastator devastated too much. But the Omega was just right!
  • Clockwork Goblin - They always wind up bombing.
  • Dimensional Ripper - The first dimensional ripper had a point. The second fell flat. The THIRD one really started to take shape!
  • Sweeping Strikes - Infinitely preferable to mopping strikes.
  • Dr. Boom's Scheme - “We did it! We blew up the vault!” “You mean the vault door?” “Oh. The doooor…”
  • Vicious Scraphound - It begs for scraps.
  • Improve Morale - "The beatings will continue until MY morale improves."

Neutral Rise of Shadows Flavor Text