Consider Buying Glyph, a Game That Deserves a Chance, Currently 90% Off

It is both sad and all too common for games to not turn a profit. In an industry that is churning out more and more games each year, we’ve come to a point where the global population is not numerous enough to sustain every game that releases.

Such is the case for Glyph, a highly-rated and, most importantly, cute platformer that no one seems to be aware about. In an e-mail sent to Escapist Magazine, the developers have admitted that no one is buying the game, even though the amount of content it offers is well worth its original price of 16.79 EUR.

80+ levels, a very well-designed physics system, ingenious puzzles, time trials, cosmetics, special abilities… It’s all in there. We can’t be certain why the game is being, well, widely ignored when it has rave reviews and a boatload of content, but our guess is it’s due to an ineffective marketing campaign.

The game is now on sale, 90% off which comes in at a measly 1.67 EUR (Steam pricing). Bolverk Games (the developers) hope this tactic will bolster their sales and net them some user reviews. If you think the game might be fun, you should make use of this sale and maybe even leave a review! Here’s a short sale video announcement they posted:

You can buy the game on the following platforms:

Have you ever heard of Glyph? What do you think went wrong? Will you play it? Let us know in the comments below.