Alec Dawson announced on Twitter tonight that the Hearthstone devs were in a meeting this week to talk about reverting card nerfs during the upcoming rotation. Due to the large number of cards rotating out of Standard this time, due to the new Core set seeing Basic & Classic taking a hike out of Standard town, there will be more cards reverted than usual.

  • Around 30 cards will have their nerfs reverted.
  • Some cards may not be fully unnerfed. We do not know to what extent this is.
  • We don't have a set date for when this happens or any more information to share.

Read on for Alec's tweet. What cards are you hoping have their nerfs reverted?

Quote From Alec Dawson

Had a great meeting this week where we reverted or partially reverted some nerfs for rotation. It'll be more aggressive than year's past with a lot of cards rotating so expect a high number of changes (~30). Should be fun :)