So it turns out the day had one more surprise card reveal in store for us, unscheduled as it was: thus explaining the secret behind the one odd Rogue card that's been conspicuously missing from all of the previous official class reveals and Blizzard's card library. Well, no more. The unannounced and very unexpected unveiling of said card was provided courtesy of the one and only Mams! With full backing from Hearthstone's Team 5, of course; they must've been planning this one for a while. 

Admittedly, we've already been familiar with the March of the Lich King card in question due to last week's Death Knight Showmatch streams, where it was accidentally 'revealed' (leaked/spoiled if you will). But hey, we won't tell if you don't. This one doesn't really belong in any particular package as the only Combo indicator from the upcoming expansion; it could just prove to be at least decent. 

Special Rogue Card Reveal 

Ghostly Strike Card Image

Now, if you're unfamiliar with Mams, we'll have you know that she is something of a celebrity in certain Twitter circles. Also lovingly known as a "potato", or otherwise a canine companion of Hearthstone Features Lead Celestalon and Vtuber Zuan. Should you have any lasting doubts, know that certain notable people in the community have already decided this is the best reveal ever. There is simply no arguing when everybody is a fan. 

Unfortunately, Twitter isn't nearly as user-friendly at video sharing as YouTube, and so the best we can recommend is that you go check out the source itself. But we can definitely share one special "behind the scenes" look: 


It's not an easy task to match Hearthstone's Team Five when it comes to good-natured goofy fun, that's for sure. Thanks, Mams.

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