The full set of cards for March of the Lich King has been revealed a little while ago, and we're nearing the time when they can finally become a part of our collection. Still not sure what to make of Rogue or what kind of decks to play? We've broken down the class archetypes for the upcoming expansion, discussed the new cards, and gathered a variety of theorycraft decks from streamers, pros, and community members to guide you on Day 1.

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Now, onto what's approaching ever closer. Before we jump into a variety of potential decks, here is a quick look at the class in the upcoming expansion: 

Lich King Rogue - Quick Impressions

  • Concoctions have arrived for all your value desires. We've got a mix-and-match sale goin' on; get 'em while they're hot!
  • Deathrattle Rogue received even more support...but what are you going to run for Deathrattles? This remains the top question.
  • Ghostly Strike might be the most Rogue card that ever existed.

Lich King Rogue - Expansion Cards & Archetypes 

For Rogue, two archetypes have asserted themselves as the favorite to play on Day 1: Value Concoction and Big Deathrattle.

Concoction Rogue

Concoctor Card Image Potion Belt Card Image Ghoulish Alchemist Card Image Potionmaster Putricide Card Image

For those not in the know, Concoctions work thusly: when a Concoction is added to your hand, it can be one of five different spells that each cost 3-Mana. When a second is added to your hand, it is mixed into the first one - you can then cast that Mixed Concoction as a single card with both effects (for the same 3-Mana cost). It stands to reason, then, that you want to accumulate as many as possible to out-value your opponent, playing them early and often for their bonuses. Thankfully, Rogue has got you covered: whether it's random generation or Discovering, you'll be swimming in brews in no time with this package; Potionmaster Putricide doesn't even specify that the dead minions have to be friendly, so you can clear the board and reap a ton of reward.

Deathrattle Rogue

Rotten Rodent Card Image Scourge Illusionist Card Image

Deathrattle Rogue may have only received two class cards, but what cards they are. Making things cheaper with Rotten Rodent before copying them (and discounting them further) with Scourge Illusionist; this could be the support the archetype needs to officially become a "thing" beyond the theoretical. All it needs now are big Deathrattles worth playing...which remains the main problem. March of the Lich King added Invincible and Shatterskin Gargoyle, but they may not be the wow plays one is looking for. Could this be Ozumat's time to shine? Deemed unappealing at 8-Mana, how would players feel about it costing half that?

Other Rogue Cards

Ghostly Strike Card Image Noxious Infiltrator Card Image Vile Apothecary Card Image Shadow of Demise Card Image

These cards don't fit as neatly with the other packages - or, in the case of Vile Apothecary, their picture doesn't fit up above - but that doesn't mean they won't find a home somewhere. Ghostly Strike is a cheap ping that draws you a card; surely a Rogue would want that in their deck, especially ones of the Sinstone Graveyard variety. Shadow of Demise, meanwhile, can put in work anytime the Rogue wants to replay their valuable spells (which is to say, just about always); Jackpot! will say 'thank you kindly'.

Lich King Rogue - Top Neutral Cards

Astalor Bloodsworn Card Image Invincible Card Image Plaguespreader Card Image Shatterskin Gargoyle Card Image

Astalor is an incredibly powerful card, providing a ping for removal, Armor for stalling with Astalor, the Protector, and finally a big payoff with Astalor, the Flamebringer. He's everything you could want in a card; expect to see him everywhere.

As alluded to before, the Neutral set didn't provide many slam-dunk minions for the class as would be preferred. Cheaper copies of the three Undead listed above wouldn't hurt, but they're also not big-time payoffs for a Deathrattle Rogue. Such a deck might have to look back to the past for their top-end.

Lich King Rogue - Day 1 Decks to Try

Not sure what to play for the class while we fight against the March of the Lich King? We've gathered a handful of early deck ideas from all across the Hearthstone tavern just to help you out:

FunkiMonki's Deathrattle Concoction Rogue

Why decide when you can run both March of the Lich King packages in a single deck! Burning Blade Acolyte and Korrak the Bloodrager provide you your Deathrattle payoffs, with Taelan Fordring finding you Sire Denathrius for a finisher.

Superior David's Concoction Miracle Rogue

At 3-Mana, Concoctions are relatively inexpensive, and can be made even cheaper with the likes of Serrated Bone Spike, Ghoulish Alchemist, and Blackwater Cutlass. So the question high is your APMs? Do you have the moves to satisfy Necrolord Draka?

Edelweiss' SI:7 Concoction Rogue

Conversely, Concoctions might be just what Questline Rogue needs to get over the hump. The SI:7 package doesn't always have the longevity and reach required to hang with the big boys - especially in a 40+ Health Prince Renathal world - but perhaps Potionmaster Putricide can whip up an answer.

More Class Coverage for March of the Lich King

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What do you think of Rogue's card package for the upcoming expansion? Which decks are you going to take for a spin once March of the Lich King goes live on December 6? Is there something else from your favorite content creator that we didn't include here? Let us know in the comments!